How to apply for OCI

Applications for registering as an 'Overseas Citizen of India' (OCI) for applicants currently residing abroad are made to the Indian Consulates in their jurisdiction. However, most Indian Consulates have gradually outsourced services, in such cases; applications are sent to the company handling the outsourced services and not directly to the Indian consulate offices.

OCI applications from abroad

OCI application is started by accessing the application form online from the Indian Government's website.  Currently the website address is  (Please note: The instructions provided can be changed by the authorities at their discretion.  Generally the application form provides the latest procedure to fill and submit application.) If you use a browser such as Firefox, Chrome or Safari, it is recommended that you use Internet Explorer when trying to access online application forms on Government of India websites. Using other browsers may sometimes lead unformatted pages. The OCI application is in two parts: Part 'A' and Part 'B'.  Part 'A' MUST be filled first online by the person applying for OCI. After Part-A has been completed and submitted online, Part-B can then be downloaded.  To start your online application: 1. On the internet, visit: (Sometimes your Internet browser may say that website you are trying to access does not have security certificate. In such a case, download the certificate to proceed to the OCI form.) 2. Select whether you are applying as an individual or as a family. When you select the on-line registration form as "Family" option, the on-line registration form will appear. Data for family of up to four persons can be filled here. *Family Group option should be chosen only if one of the parents is applying along with one/two minor children or husband & wife are applying. Otherwise you have to always choose the individual option. If there are more members in the family, or children are not minor, then their applications should be filed out as individuals. 1. Fill in the required information on the form. 2. Click Submit button. If there are errors on the page, a message will prompt you to fill in the required information. You can correct the information as required, review it for accuracy, and submit the form again.  After you submit the form and there are no errors, a copy of the Part A will be displayed along with an online Registration Number. Print out this form. Once you submit the application you will be able to download part B of the application form and print it out. Printout both Forms A and B 1. Fill in the information required in Form B. This information can be hand-written in legible capital letters or typed. When filling Form B, if additional space is required, you can use additional sheets of paper. 2. Supporting documents are required to process your OCI application. Collect all the required documents and make copies of them. A list of documents required is given at the end of this chapter and is also printed at the end of Form 'B'. 3. Once you have completed Part A and B and collected all the required documents, they should be sent to the appropriate office where you are applying. This would be the Indian consulate office serving your area of residence (if you are applying from abroad). This should be the  same one you selected on your online form under: 'Place of submission'. Application has to be submitted in duplicate for each applicant. Mail your form and documents by Registered Mail or Speed Post. Sending by Courier is discouraged by the authorities.  As rules and regulation, sometimes do change. Do read the instructions provided on your form before mailing out your application form and documents. OCI fee for applications made abroad OCI application fee, when the scheme was initially announced was US$275. While the fee has technically not been changed, many Indian consulates have outsourced visa services and fee charged by the outsourcing company is passed on to applicants. The fee currently for OCI in USA is US$290 (this includes the outsourcing company charges). Fees are subject to change, kindly check with the appropriate Indian consulates for the required fee when applying for OCI.
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To apply for OCI now you MUST have Surrender Certificate
Everyone applying for OCI now must have proof of Renunciation of Indian citizenship such as a passport ‘Surrender Certificate’ Detailed information on Renunciation and Passport Surrender is provided here
OCI Application