Using OCI Miscellaneous Services On-line

OCI Miscellaneous Services can be availed by filling, and submitting the required application online and sending one hard copy of the application form to the concerned Indian Mission/Post/Office in whose jurisdiction the applicant is resident. Even if the OCI documents were issued elsewhere and you have moved to a new address, you can submit application to the Indian Mission that is applicable to your current location. The fact that the OCI documents have not been issued from that Indian Mission/Consulate should not make a difference.

OCI Miscellaneous Services in India

Those who avail OCI Miscellaneous services in India are required to submit their application to: The Under Secretary, OCI Cell, Foreigners Division, Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA), Jaisalmer House, 26 Man Singh Road, New Delhi - 110 011 OR To the concerned Foreigners Regional Registration Officer (FRRO) if the applicant is resident of Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata or Amritsar. Procedure for submission of application To start using OCI Miscellaneous Services, first visit the Miscellaneous Services Website. The URL for their website is To get access to the services section, applicants are required to provide one of the following data fields: First, the applicant's Passport number has to be entered in the space provided on the online application form. This should be the same passport that has your 'U' visa stamped on it. Next, one of the following three fields will be required to be filled in to proceed:  U-Visa Number or OCI Registration Number or OCI File Number Next step requires all of the following three fields to be filled. Date of birth Place of birth Mother's maiden name Once this information is filled in, click the 'Submit' button. If the information entered is correct, the applicant is then given access to the appropriate form, where they can select and make the desired changes.  After the required changes have been made and verified, click the submit button again to transmit the data. Upon submission of the Online Registration Form, a hard copy of the application with a Reference number, along with instructions for filling the application form, can be printed. Applicants can then paste a photograph on the space provided in the form, and sign in the appropriate box. A copy of the signed application form, along with required documentation has to be mailed to the concerned Indian Mission, in your area. Instructions on the printed hard copy will advise how many copies to mail. Normally, two sets are requested. The only exception to this is that when the changes entered are only a change in address or occupation, then no hard copy is required to be mailed in and there is no fee payable. 

Fee for OCI Miscellaneous Services

For re-issuance of OCI documents, in case of: 1. New passport 2. Change of personal particulars 3. To correct information that is currently wrong The fee is US $ 25 or equivalent in local currency.  In case of applications that are filed in India, for the above services, the fee is Rs. 1150/- and is payable by demand draft in favor of 'Pay and Accounts Officer (Secretariat), Ministry of Home Affairs' payable at New Delhi. For issuance of duplicate OCI documents in case of loss or damage, the fee charged is US$ 100 or equivalent in local currency. In case application for duplicate OCI documents is filed in India, the fee is Rs. 4500/-

Replace Lost - Damaged OCI Documents

In the unfortunate event, your foreign passport that has your OCI 'U' visa stamped on it is stolen or lost. You should report the loss to the local police, in the area where the documents were lost. When you apply for new OCI documents in such cases, a copy of the police complaint you made regarding your loss, will be required. Normally in cases where new OCI documents are requested due to loss of original documents, a personal interview with the consular official may be required. Generally when you send your application in, you will be notified the date and time of the interview by the authorities. Recording Address Changes on OCI In case of change of address/occupation, simply log into OCI miscellaneous services website, make the required address or occupation change and you are done. There is also no fee for this type of change. When you initiate a change of address or occupation via miscellaneous services, new OCI documents are not issued. Upon submission of online application, the data is recorded and new address/occupation can be printed and kept in the OCI registration certificate booklet for record purposes.
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